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Studio Hire in Birmingham

Photography Studio 197 offers photographers the chance to hire our Birmingham studio without breaking the bank. Whether you are a seasoned pro, needing access to our top quality facilities for that big commercial shoot, or a starting out amateur just wanting to hone their lighting crafts - we are available.

Our studio facilities include:

• 3 x 500ws flash heads
• 3 x 400ws flash heads
• 3 x 300ws flash heads

• Selection of stands and 1 boom stand

• Full array of modifiers including 4 beauty dishes/2 medium softboxes/octabox/strip boxes/umbrellas/gridspots/full and medium sized reflectors

• Wind machine

• Designated make up area

• Changing area outside studio

• Free on street parking

• Part Day, Half Day and Full Day Slots

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Please note that a deposit is required to secure a booking